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Gold – Weekly COT Index 30th March 2009

No real change since last week other than commercials still selling into a rising market, although the volume of contracts has substantially reduced in the futures market since this time last year.  As an example this time last year  the total number of positions was...

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COT Index – GBP Pound 30th March 2009

Everything I say may appear slightly contrarian when viewed using the COT index as an indicator but the British Pound is a good example at present which I hope will make the point with a little explanation.  At present the Commercial futures holders are net...

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COT Index Gold – 16th March 2009

The weekly COT index chart for gold, shows little change on last week suggesting that the trend for spot gold prices is to move higher, with the commercials showing a slight decline as the spot price fell from $1000 per ounce to close the week...

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