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COT Index – GBP Pound 30th March 2009

Everything I say may appear slightly contrarian when viewed using the COT index as an indicator but the British Pound is a good example at present which I hope will make the point with a little explanation.  At present the Commercial futures holders are net...

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Canadian Dollar – Cot Index 30th March 2009

The Canadian Dollar continues to remain a long term buy despite last week’s temporary reduction in both long and short positions but still leaving the Commercials with a net long view of this currency.   A look at the monthly usd to cad candle charts would...

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Japanese Yen – Cot Index 30th March 2009

The most meaningful aspect of the COT index for the Japanese Yen was the shift 3 weeks ago by commercial contract holders from being net short at the point to the current situation where they are net long by some significant margin.   However, as this...

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