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Gold – Weekly COT Index 30th March 2009


No real change since last week other than commercials still selling into a rising market, although the volume of contracts has substantially reduced in the futures market since this time last year.  As an example this time last year  the total number of positions was 141k whereas last week the total number was close to 95k and with commercial short positions having fallen from 100k last year to 64.5k this year.

In the spot market the trend is still bullish longer term although we are currently seeing some sideways consolidation in the market at present due to the economic climate and present round of quantitative easing and financial bail outs.   The perceived wisdom of the stock markets is that the rally of the past few weeks is merely a temporary bull rise which, in due course, is likely to classified as a dead cat bounce.  This in turn could lead investors back to gold and silver as safe havens in uncertain times.